Smarter Healthcare

Telehealth Benefits
For Patients
For Patient Carers or Relatives
For Healthcare Professionals
For Healthcare Providers
Empowers Patients
Patients are encouraged to take a more active role in monitoring and managing their condition or illness.
Saves Time
Less need to visit health centres or clinics for tests or treatment. All tests are taken in the comfort of the patient’s own home.
Peace of Mind
Patients can get on with leading as normal a life as possible in the knowledge that their condition is being monitored and managed with healthcare professionals always on hand to intervene if needed.
Prevent Escalation
By monitoring vital signs and wellbeing the patient can make timely interventions to better manage their condition and prevent it escalating into something more serious.Prevent Escalation
With the unique SmartMed Relative Portal, carers and relatives can keep a re-assuring eye on their loved ones condition and health from their smartphone or tablet device. A subset of the patient’s vital signs and well being questionnaire responses are displayed in tabular or graphical form so relatives can monitor progression and spot any potential concerns.
The messaging capability of the SmartMed Relative Portal allows relatives to keep in touch with the patient, no matter how far apart they are. So whether you are in the same city or on a completely different continent you can be safe in the knowledge that your loved ones are managing their illness well and are in the best possible state of health.

Reduce Travel Time

Nurses and community care workers can spend less time travelling to and from patients’ homes and more time delivering quality care.

Enhance the Breadth of Services Offered

SmartMed allows healthcare workers to offer a broader range of tests and care pathways to patients, in their own home and community settings. With constant back up from field experts and general practitioners, the patient can be assured that they’re receiving the best possible levels of care.

Focus on Priority Cases

With empowered, motivated patients managing their own chronic illnesses, clinicians are able to focus their attention on the patients who need closer attention, more regular human contact or the emergency cases.

The Patient is Your Helping Hand

The patient will be more knowledgeable about their progress and the management of their condition and more engaged in the treatments and monitoring regimes you wish to implement. This makes the healthcare professional’s job that little bit easier.

Keep In Touch with Patients

Through SmartMed messaging, a patient managing their own condition from home is far from isolated and forgotten. Reassuring contact is always available via the phone, email, SMS, instant messaging and even video conferencing so you can always chat to and re-assure your patients whatever their SmartMed results are telling you or them.

Reduce the costs of Healthcare Provision

SmartMed HomeCare enables the remote monitoring of large numbers of patients wherever they are located, across the whole country.

Target & Prioritise the Need for Personal Care

Remote monitoring means that face to face, personal care and home visits can be carefully targeted. This helps reduce travel time and means doctor and nurse time can be better utilised, without impacting the level of care.

Reduce Waiting Lists

Reduced A&E admissions, shorter periods of in-patient care, quicker post operative discharge and a need for fewer, less frequent out-patient attendances are just some of the potential benefits that a well implemented mHealth solution can bring.

Enable Evidence Based, Timely Interventions

Accurate vital signs and patient well being information is available at all times, enabling rapid evidence based decision making and risk stratification, facilitating timely intervention.

Preventative Healthcare & Trend Analysis

By gathering large volumes of regular patient health assessment data, it is possible for providers to identify indicators of future health issues, assisting in the planning and improvement of health care provision.

Stay Connected with Patients

Mobile communications enables the Healthcare Provider to communicate with the patient, for re-assurance, interventions or reminding them to take tests, medication or attend appointments.

Ensure Medication & Treatment Conformance

Nonconformance is evident from the monitored results. Reminders can be issued to the patient’s phone.

Carer’s Quality of Life Can Be Improved

The patient’s family and carer can also monitor a subset of the patient’s health assessment data, so they can live their own lives. The carer also knows that the clinicians are also remotely monitoring the patient’s condition. There is also potential for fewer trips to the GP and hospital.
SmartMed Delivers Enhanced Healthcare
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